Teknia Refresh Saffron Copper Mask 250ml



The Color Refresh products by Teknia
are the faithful ally of colored hair.
They revive, prolong color and add an
extraordinary touch of shine. Color
Refresh offers the primary nutrients,
antioxidant properties and pigments to
protect and recover the hair’s beauty.
This range is made up of the Color Refresh
Shampoo and this  Color Refresh Treatment

These products are recommended
as part of your color care ritual. Each
product offers specific pigments that
complement one another.

The shampoo compensates for the loss
of hair dye, provides greater color and
prepares the hair for the mask. The color
recovers its shine and the richness of
its highlights.
The mask rebuilds the internal fiber of
the hair. Its primary function is to treat,
restore and protect. It complements the
added color and prolongs its intensity.

Saffron Copper is for copper-colored
hair. It is enriched with organic saffron
oil from Oceania, and vegetable extracts
rich in antioxidant properties and
photoprotectors, precursors of vitamin A.

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