New Client Consultation

As part of our commitment to you on this journey during your consultation, we will perform a skin patch test to ensure you have no allergies to our colour range. This involves putting a very small amount of colour behind your ear for 24 hours to assess if you have any negative reactions. Allergies to colour are not very likely but we want to ensure your wellbeing.

We also perform a strand test of your hair – this involves taking a small piece of your hair and then testing it with various colour to assess how strong your hair is before we undertake any colour service.

We do all this to ensure that your hair is in a strong enough state to allow us to work towards your goal safely and securely.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our studio.

This process allows us to understand fully what you want to achieve and then provide you with an accurate idea of time, cost, and hair care required.


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At Iron and Ivy, we are passionate about making your hair dreams a reality.

For all New Clients to our studio interested in color, we require an in-person consultation at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Why? – The New Client Consultation is your opportunity to first meet our warm and friendly team and more importantly to discuss your hair goals. We pride ourselves on achieving the hair you have always dreamt about but we can only do this if we have the time to sit down together and plan out how you get you to your dream hair.



Contact us to book your complimentary consultation and let us create a plan to achieve your hair goals.

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