International Womens Day 2024

It’s International Women’s Day 2024 and I wanted to share something a little bit different with you and a bit about myself.

From a young age I was always bullied, I was the youngest of seven and the smallest girl in my school. Because of this, I was always singled out by other girls and even beaten up because I would wear bright colours, or dye my hair or wear bright lipstick.

I’d be called “lesbian” (like that’s a bad thing) or “short arse” and I was even punched in the face on a night out because 16 year old me decided to shave my hair off as an artistic expression.

I even remember other women often saying to me in my teens

“If you keep insisting on looking different then you can expect negativity from other girls”

When I first started hairdressing at 15 and found my passion, I told my friends and family that this is what I wanted to do and they laughed at me, called me daft and told me that I should get a “real job” ?

In my 20’s I was working at Toni + Guy, the fire was well truly lit in my belly I knew that hairdressing was my life, my soul and my passion and I spent many years teaching and helping other women to grow their talents and to be themselves without fear of ridicule!

What we do every day for clients is an expression of art and we, as creators should not be afraid to express our art not only through our work but however we see fit.

I have grown the talents of many other women throughout my career with no benefit to myself other than the satisfaction of giving back to the industry that gave me the self-confidence to grow into being a strong woman.

Over the years other women have often sought to bring me down or imitate me, they’ve made remarks about my size or my personality or my look and I just want to thank each and every one of them for it.

Every jab or mean comment or put down only helped to build me up over time.

I’ve learned through drawing on my own womanly strength to never be afraid to be who I want to be, do the work I want to do and inspire those who want to be the best they can be.

As a woman who gets to work with some amazing, fantastic talented and extraordinary women each and every day, both my fabulous team and beautiful clients I am inspired by their own personal journeys and I’m eternally grateful.

Every woman has their own battle to fight and her own hill to climb but just remember that it’s ok to be you and that you can DO IT

Lauren McMurray / Art Director