Welcome to Iron and Ivy Shop!

During the recent level 3 COVID19 lockdown we were inundated by requests from our clients for hair care products. So much so that we had issues keeping up with demand. 

Our Instagram and Facebook were filled with tens of people looking to stock up on their favorite items and so we decided to create a portal to make life easy for our clients

Introducing IRON AND IVY SHOP a marketplace where you can purchase all your favorite hair care products from our trusted Queenstown hair salon

We have all your favorites in stock, everything ranging from Olaplex and Moroccanoil treatments including shampoos and conditioners through to Kevin Murphy + EVO Hair Styling products and including hots tools like Cloud9 straighteners are also available.

Everything we stock is 100% genuine unlike some online stores we buy directly from NZ distributors with no worries about counterfeit or fake products being sold to our clients. 

We welcome you to our shop, take a look around and see if there is anything you like and if you have any questions, our helpful team of hairstylists are here to help!