Teknia Body Maker Mist 300ml



Fine hair can seem thick when it is
washed and air dried, but it loses body
and goes “flat” when it is straightened
or dried with a hair dryer. Fine hair is
fragile and prone to breakages when it is
over worked. It often lacks volume when
ineffective products are applied. It is
advisable to use products that are quickly
absorbed and that don’t leave residues or
a thick layer on the hair.

BODY MAKER takes care of and
treats fine hair. The essential, natural
components based on organic soya
bean and rice microproteins acts as
reconstruction blocks for the fiber. Fine
hair becomes resistant to breakages
and there is a recharging effect that
creates a feeling of thickness, volume
and natural shine.

TEKNIA BODY MAKER MIST is a volumizing spray with a super
lightweight formula that enhances an
instant, flexible volume. Natural hold
and softness. It is recommended that the
spray is applied the roots to the ends.

Petitgrain essential oil. Ancient qualities:
Aromatic experience. Fresh, citric top
notes of lemon essential oil, followed by an
aromatic base of wormwood and floral notes
underscored by petitgrain. Mixture of woody
and musk notes to provide a subtle delicacy.

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