Teknia White Silver Shampoo 300ml



Beautiful white, gray or blond hair is
in high demand because it reflects
luminosity and has a radiant shine. These
hair colors are glamorous and have a
unique personality. The appearance of
yellow or overly warm tones can ruin
that coveted image. It’s essential to
counteract these undesirable tones and
recover the original color.

WHITE SILVER gives blonde hair back its
clarity and cool luminosity. It neutralizes
and eliminates unwanted yellow
highlights from white hair. It enriches,
hydrates and revives the hair’s purity and
shine. Its formula with organic white lotus
flower gives softness, hydration, and
purity and intense shine to natural hair.

TEKNIA TONING SHAMPOO Cleans and eliminates
yellow highlights in white hair.
Neutralizes undesirable warm tones.
Hydrates and revives shine.


Aromatic experience. Fresh opening, citrus
on a fruity body with clear tropical notes.
Combined with a light floral background that
adds a delicate touch.

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